1944 Grumman G-21A Goose, c/n B-101, CF-VFU, FIFT. Dockside somewhere up Knight Inlet, B.C., Canada in spring 1969.

[1959 Kodak Retina IIIS (Type 027) rangefinder 35-mm roll film camera, s/n 86125, with Schneider-Kreuznach Retina-Xenon 50-mm f/1.9 Synchro Compur lens, s/n 6841319; Kodak Plus-X Pan (ISO 125/22°) 36-exposure black & white negative film]

© Copyright photograph by Uwe Kündrunar Scharnberg, 1969 / Stephan Alexander Scharnberg, March 2011

“The whole history of the Canadian North can be divided into two periods—before and after the aeroplane.”
Hugh L. Keenleyside, Deputy Canadian Minister of Mines and Resources, October 1949

Friday, June 3, 2011

Current fate of 1944 Grumman G-21A Goose, c/n B-101, C-FVFU, Aline, European Coastal Airlines

Anyone wondering as to the fate of the 1944 Grumman G-21A Goose, c/n B-101, C-FVFU, Aline, European Coastal Airlines? She was most recently refurbished in 2004. Then she was sitting in a hangar at Vukovar Borovo N Airport (DOB), Borovo Naselje, Slavonia, Croatia, a settlement in the northwestern industrial part of Vukovar, Vukovar-Syrmia, Croatia, on the right bank of the river Danube across from Serbia. There are five photos of her in that hangar, dated October 20, 2008. The airfield appears to be so small it does not have fuel services. Founded in 2000, the company was put on hold after September 11, 2001, then launched scheduled services in 2008. Their fleet at this point consists of three seaplanes, apparently including the Grumman G-21A Goose, and they operate on routes around the Croatian islands in the Adriatic Sea.

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